Operating as a Social Enterprise The Commonwealth Business Club has been created to provide a business networking and trade development platform for small to medium sized businesses throughout the 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. By delivering a "Free At The Point Of Access" business development platform our aim is to facilitate and promote intra-commonwealth trade by way of shared advice, business networking and trade related events

53 Commonwealth Countries!

Botswana - Cameroon - The Gambia - Ghana - Kenya -  Kingdom of Eswatini - Lesotho - Malawi - Mauritius - Mozambique Namibia - Nigeria - Rwanda - Seychelles - Sierra Leone - South Africa - Uganda - United Republic of Tanzania - Zambia Bangladesh - Brunei Darussalam - India - Malaysia - Pakistan - Singapore - Sri Lanka - Antigua and Barbuda - The Bahamas Barbados - Belize - Canada - Dominica - Grenada - Guyana - Jamaica - Saint Lucia - St Kitts and Nevis - Trinidad and Tobago

St Vincent and The Grenadines - Cyprus - Malta - United Kingdom - Australia - Fiji - Kiribati - Nauru New Zealand - Tonga
Papua New Guinea Samoa Solomon Islands
- Tuvalu - Vanuatu

A market place of 2.4 billion people!

The United Kingdom will leave European Union (EU) in October of 2019 in a process that has become known as BREXIT. The benefits to Commonwealth countries is that huge trade barriers and obstacles that were previously  imposed by the EU will no longer exist.

The founders of The Commonwealth Business Club recognised this situation as soon as the EU referendum was called in the UK and began making plans to create a business networking platform that would stimulate and promote trade between all 53 member countries of The Commonwealth of Nations.

  • Business Networking & Trading Platform

  • Trade Missions & Delegations

  • Conferences & Exhibitions


The founders of The Commonwealth Business Club recognised that the small, micro and medium sized businesses in the commonwealth needed realistic support to enable them to take a step into international trade.

A strategy was put in place that would utilise the very best of social media  that would exclusively give each of the members of
The Commonwealth Business Club a platform to network, connect and build associations with other entrepreneurs across the Commonwealth.


Included in the strategy was to put in place a global marketing plan that would powerfully promote the products and services of members of The Commonwealth Business Club to fellow entrepreneurs worldwide.

The third stage of the strategy was to establish a global calendar of trade missions, conference and exhibition events that would  enable members of The Commonwealth Business Club from around the world to meet face to face and develop long term business partnerships.

Added to the above The Commonwealth Business Club will be publishing an annual members directory that will be distributed worldwide to members in all 53 commonwealth countries.

The Commonwealth Business Club Management Team

Commonwealth countries account for over 17% of world GDP  and contain 2.4 billion of the world’s 7½ billion people. Moreover, many Commonwealth countries have favourable demographics compared with several major European countries, where working populations are expected to age and shrink. The 53 member Commonwealth of Nations spans the five continents and contains developed, emerging and developing economies. It also comprises some of the world’s largest economies.

The aim of The Commonwealth Business Club is to bring together entrepreneurs from all 53 Commonwealth countries to create sustainable, long term partnerships and prosperity throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. You can be part of that global partnership by clicking on the button below to become a member.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

The Trustee Directors Of The Commonwealth Business Club

Michael Sloyan
Managing Director

Ian Taylor
Executive Director

Anthony Jones
Executive Director

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