The  Founding Directors Of
The Commonwealth Business Club

On January 31st 2020 The United Kingdom formally left the European Union (EU) in a process that has become known as BREXIT. The huge trade barriers and obstacles that were previously imposed by the EU would no longer exist.

The founders of The Commonwealth Business Club recognised this situation as soon as the EU referendum was called in the UK in 2016 and began making plans to create a new business networking platform that would stimulate and promote trade between all of the 54 member states of The Commonwealth of Nations.

They began building a strategy and online platform that would enable small & micro businesses throughout the commonwealth to easily connect, collaborate, and to begin building international business partnerships.

The founders of The Commonwealth Business Club recognised that the small, micro and medium sized businesses across the commonwealth needed realistic support to enable them to take a step into international trade.


"Inspiring a global spirit of enterprise"

These small businesses needed a platform where they could freely promote their products and services to other aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. The Commonwealth Business Club responded to that need and created "The Boardroom", an online trading forum that is free to all Commonwealth Business Club members.


The Commonwealth Business Club has begun appointing a network of Regional Ambassadors around the world to support and promote its global project. The aim is to have a Regional Ambassador in all 54 countries of the commonwealth.

The next stage of the strategy is to establish a global calendar of trade missions, conference and exhibition events that would  enable members of The Commonwealth Business Club from around the world to meet face to face and develop long term business partnerships. That strategy has commenced with events throughout the UK in 2019 and will expand internationally from 2020 onwards.

The Commonwealth Business Club provides each of the above services FREE to small businesses across the commonwealth. We welcome new members every single day and we invite all business owners across the commonwealth to join us and grow with us as we continue: 

"Inspiring a global spirit of enterprise"

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