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James Magee
UAE & Gulf Region
Business Ambassador


James Magee – Co-Founder/Director, Global Event Management Group & Expo Consults. 

James has been in the Middle East since 1985 and has launched some of the biggest projects in the region for over 30 years working on more than 500 events with DWTC, Infocenter, International Trade and Development Group and in the last 10 years founding and developing Global Event Management.  

As the creator and founder of the Dubai International Motor Show in 1991, the Boat show in 1993, the Computer Shopper Event in 1994, The Middle East Communications show in 1996, World CEO Forum and many more events he was responding to the demand of the World business community by creating a meeting place in Dubai where business leaders from all over the world could meet, share views, ideas, business opportunities and get valuable advice on how to enter or expand in the GCC.

In the last 15 years Global Event Management has conceived, created, launched and managed over 200 events and marketing campaigns in more than 20 countries.

GEM launched www.insomniadubai.com and www.insomniasaudi.com in 2019 with big plans for 2020 and beyond with the GameOn platform.
EXPO Consults was formed to service the needs of the 193 countries that will participate in EXPO 2020, (Now October 2021) https://expoconsults.com/

Email: james.magee@thecwbc.com